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Quintrex Aluminium Boats

JV Marine World stocks a massive range of quality Quintrex aluminium boats. Wether it be a small tinnie to throw on the roof of the car or caravan, a Runabout to hit the bays and rivers or a large cabin boat to take offshore there is a Quintrex boat to suit your needs.

JV Marine is Victoria’s and Melbourne’s Largest Quintrex Boat Dealer. We have hundreds of Quintrex boats in stock all year round. JV Marine was the largest Quintrex boat dealer in Australia for an amazing 7 years straight!

Seen something you like but we dont have in stock? If you cant find what you are looking for in stock at JV Marine, we can order you a custom built Quintrex boat package to your exact specifications. For more information on the entire Quintrex line up visit


A Drier Ride – Flared Bow
Quintrex is famous for it’s Flared Bow and it is something that they have done for over 40 years. The Flared Bow works in tandem with the Millennium Hull to produce the driest riding boat on the market. The flare in the side sheet throws the spray out to the sides and down whereas a normal shaped bow on the competitor allows spray to ride up the side of the boat and blow back in on the occupants.

Quintrex Aluminium Boats A Softer Ride – The Blade Hull
Quintrex Hulls set the standard in aluminium boat design. The award winning Blade Hull, which is exclusive to Quintrex boats provides maximum lift to get the boat on to the plane nice and fast. The Quintrex boats variable dead-rise hull has a sharper point of entry to cut through the chop for a softer ride.

Quintrex Quality of Finish – Quintrex aluminium boats
Innovation, attention to detail and quality of finish are what Quintrex aluminium boats are known for. Not only is there a wide selection of customising options, there is also a wide variety of hull and canopy colour choices to make your investment really stand out among the crowd.

Quintrex Value for Money – Quintrex aluminium boats
Every Quintrex aluminium boat will give you more value for your money! Many items such as stereos, fishfinders, two way radios, rod holders, lighting, ladders and canopies are all standard features. Extra stability, storage and versatility is also achieved through boats being designed with wider and deeper bottoms than most of their competitors.

Quintrex Tinnies


Tinnies are durable, versatile and built to last years of fun and enjoyment, they are a quintessential part of boating, since most of us have owned one or know someone who has one!

Quintrex Tinnies feature a single piece extrusion with a small exterior keel for structural strength and durability. A unique feature in the open boat range (3.5 metres upwards). It helps with tracking, provides protection when on the trailer and against debris in the water or when parking on the beach. It also provides a keel-effect when at rest in cross-wind / current situations.



Quintrex Explorers


Have a boat, you’re bound to travel ! The Quintrex range of Explorer Tinnies are perfectly suited for tender work, lake, river and estuary style fishing.

The go anywhere boat, light and easy to transport, this range of tinnies will add an extra dimension to 4WD and camping activities. The perfect travel companion for all your adventures.

Click here to see a range of Explorer and Explorer Trophy Packages in stock right now at JV Marine World


Quintrex Renegade


These boats break all the rules! The Renegade Range is fast becoming a favourite among keen fisherman as a no-fuss, fishing machine. Complete with a front and rear casting platform the mighty Renegade is capable of some serious fishing. JV Marine stocks a massive range of Renegade boats from 420 tiller steer models through to the 520 Side console!

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Quintrex Hornets


Renowned as the ultimate fishing boat the now all new Hornet Range is stocked with the essential fishing features. The Hornet range offers a smooth and steady ride in all conditions with the help of the Eclipse V-Flared Hull, while providing a stable platform to fish from when at rest.

Click here to see a range of Quintrex Hornet Packages in stock right now at JV Marine World


Quintrex Runabouts


Designed with a car like layout and dash, our runabouts have maximum space for days of fishing, cruising, skiing, and diving or everything combined. Their large open deck area is perfect for family boating and the wrap around windscreen keeps out the weather. Get set for fun and adventure aboard your Quintrex runabout.

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Quintrex Bowriders


A bowrider is a boat to be enjoyed by the whole family with plenty of room for relaxing with a large and luxurious front lounge and the new Rear Folding Lounge. With modern plate look sides the Quintrex bowrider range is sportier and packed with more features than ever before.

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Quintrex Cabin Boats


Perfect for those longer trips, a Quintrex cabin is now available as the entry level Sea Spirit and the deluxe Ocean Spirit so there is a cabin to suit all budgets and family needs. Whether you like fishing, family cruising, camping or skiing a Quintrex cabin will work for you.

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Quintrex Trident


Plate Boats built to rule the ocean. Trident Plate Boats are Quintrex’s first range of offshore fishing models to feature the Millennium Blade Hull constructed from tough 5mm plate bottom sheets.

Available as a 610, 650 and 690, the Trident is built to combat the unpredictable conditions of the open water.  Now also available in 650 Hard Top and 690 Hard Top models

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