Etec Cash InjectionSAVE NOW ON PACKAGES POWERED BY 40hp, 50hp and 60hp ETEC OUTBOARDS!

Buy a boat package from JV Marine World that is powered by a 40hp, 50hp or 60hp Evinrude Etec Outboard and simply take $1500 off the RRP! That’s a massive saving!
Campaign runs until December 30th 2016 – so dont miss out!

You can buy an Australian built Quintex boat package (Australia’s best selling aluminium boat brand!) and package your boat up with the latest release fuel efficient and powerful Evinrude Etec Outboard and save yourself a whole lot of cash! This is a seriously amazing offer.

Looking at buying a Quintrex 420 Renegade with a 50hp Etec outboard?  – Take off $1500!
Looking at buying a Quintrex 430 Fishabout with a 40hp Etec outboard? – Take off $1500!

The List goes on and on!