Haines Signature Boats – The Strongest Built Boat Just Got Stronger

Haines Signature Boats, manufacturers of Australia’s best-built boats, is extremely proud to announce a class-leading, technological addition to their manufacturing process.

With 55 years of innovation in the Australian Trailer Boat market, Haines Signature Boats has invested significant time and resources developing a technology that provides their hulls with maximum strength and increases the hull’s impact, tear and penetration resistance.

Haines Signature Boats CEO John Haines said, “From 2015 the Haines Group will introduce Carbon Kevlar fabric into our hulls.

“This introduction has allowed us to deliver boats that have an increase in overall strength as well as providing a vast improvement to impact, tear and penetration resistance.

“Quite frankly it is a class-leading technology that we are very proud to have added to our manufacturing process,” said John.

Testing has shown that the strategic reinforcement of key planning areas in the hull has created a stronger and more efficient hull without adding additional weight. The Carbon Kevlar is tactically laid throughout the hull with the fibres running in a specific direction. This focuses the reinforcement to areas of the hull that take the highest impacts.

The structural resin is then combined with the Carbon Kevlar fabric, locking the fibres in position providing immense impact resistance. Haines Signature then sandwich the Carbon Kevlar fabric between multiple layers of fibreglass matting and woven rovings to give the hull its unique strength. This is all encapsulated in a durable UV resistant gel coat.

“The ability to build in strategic reinforcement has allowed Haines Signature to provide a level of confidence unlike anything else,” said John Haines.

“Our 2015 built models will all feature this new build technology and we are extremely proud and confident that the Best Just Got Better,” finished John Haines.