Evinrude announced today the introduction of its new 135-hp HO E-TEC outboard, giving boaters seeking a mid-size power choice a two-stroke alternative between 115-hp and 150-hp.

The 135 HO is based on the same V6 60-degree direct injection engine block as the 150 HO, with the internal EMM computer tweaked to max out at 135-hp. At 418 pounds, it is the same weight as the 150, still providing an excellent power-to-weight ratio. (One that Evinrude claims is best-in-class. For comparison, the Honda 135 weighs in at 478 pounds.) Gear ratios remain at 1.86:1 for 20-inch shafts and 1.85:1 for 25-inch shafts.

One of the main points Evinrude is touting about this engine is improved low end torque—it makes the claim of producing 36 percent more than comparable four-strokes. What’s the benefit?

“If an engine has strong low end torque and is propped correctly, the boat will not labor to get out of the hole,” said Karl Sandstrom, the Product Manager for the BRP Outboard division, which owns Evinrude. “This means better visibility getting on plane which equates to increased safety and better fuel economy because the engine isn’t working as hard for longer periods of time.”

Engines with better low end torque are beneficial for boaters who carry heavy loads, use their boat for tow sports, or run on an engine that is less than the boat’s maximum horsepower rating.

The new 135 HO E-TEC engines are available for order as of today!