Australia’s number one retailer for Quintrex Boats – again!

For the 7th year in a row Melbourne’s JV Marine World has once again achieved the mantle of Australia’s top selling Quintrex boat dealer. JV Marine sold and warranty registered over 245 new boat packages for the past financial year alone! JV Marine has not only put the numbers on the board for sales but did it with one of the highest Customer satisfaction ratings from Quintrex.


John Stav stated that JV Marine World did it in a difficult and at times depressed market, with many negative obstacles that had to be overcome. Federal political squabbles, increasing unemployment and negative retail figures that are continually reported in our newspapers are all things which affected our business and at times our thinking.

Our management team and sales staff decided to take time out and stop reading the newspapers and start thinking positively on how we could increase our sales with Quintrex and all our other brands.

The answer was found by improving our internet site, and then to improve our internal and external Quintrex large boat and dinghy presentation. JV Marine manufactured two dingy racks that allowed customers to easily view our complete range of small boats, and also by offering a number of different colour combinations and new models to our stocks.  We are also offering vinyl wraps as an option on most of our boat packages which gave the customer a larger variety and choice. All of JV Marine’s sales staff and management have recently flown to Telwater on the Gold Coast to not only see how the boats are built but also spent time on the water testing the new models.

The ideas from staff that had been implemented have created a new interest in the Quintrex product. Customers are definitely loving the larger selection and choice. These changes we made at JV Marine along with a new positive outlook from our sales staff have directly resulted in an increase in our overall sales. JV Marine had a very reasonable Melbourne Boat Show where we saw large numbers of old and new customers looking at the Quintrex product.

We now look forward to some good spring weather, an increase in our fish numbers in our bays and offshore and to a good and prosperous season.

John Stav, also takes this opportunity to thank the Telwater Staff for allowing us to sell the number one product in Australia, if not the world.

John Stav
Managing Director
JV Marine World