All new Boat Photo Gallery. Looking for something a little different? Maybe a WRAP, an unpainted top deck or full hull paint job? We thought we’d post a heap of boat pictures that we have on file that might spark your creative juices for your next boat purchase. There isn’t much that can’t be achieved these days when ordering the custom built boat of your dreams.

Quintrex 420 Renegade SC

Full Hull colour paint job. Interior and Exterior all painted RED with a Two Tone Sheet of Black on the sides.

Quintrex 420 Rengade SC

Camo boat Wrap

Quintrex 420 Rengade SC

Unpainted Top Deck

Quintrex 430 Fishabout

Full ‘Grey’ Hull Colour – Interior and Exterior

Quintrex 450 Hornet

Full Hull ‘Black’ Paint Job.

Quintrex 460 Renegade CC

Custom made boat wrap

Quintrex 490 Renegade SC

Custom Made Boat Wrap

Quintrex 510 Freestyler

New Quintrex Freestyler with Bow Mount Electric Motor!

Quintrex 510 Frontier

Quintrex 510 Frontier with a custom made Vinyl Wrap

Quintrex 530 Ocean Spirit

Quintrex Ocean Spirit with a full hull paint job

Quintrex 610 Trident

Quintrex ‘Aussie’ Boat Wrap

Quintrex 610 Trident

Side Curtains for a Quintrex Hard Top

Quintrex 610 Trident Hard Top

Trident ‘Full Body Grey’ Paint Scheme

Quintrex 610 Trident Side Curtains

Custom Made Side Curtains for Extra Weather Protection in a Quintrex Hard Top

Quintrex 630 Freestyler

Quintrex ‘Freestyler’ Factory Wrap

Quintrex 650 Trident

Quintrex Full ‘Blue’ Hull Paint Scheme