quintrex boats melbournePower-boating is an absolute thrill. Maybe you’re thinking about visiting us here, at JV Marine World, a great place to find your new Quintrex boats in Melbourne, a tinnie, perhaps, or maybe something more extravagant. Regardless of what you purchase, and where, it’s important to know, ahead of time, what you’re looking for and how to negotiate when you’re ready to make a purchase. Buying a new or used boat, from JV Marine World, or elsewhere, doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does require a bit of legwork and perseverance.

Here are three important steps to take before buying that new Quintrex boat.

Step 1: Decide What Type of Boat You Want

The first thing you must do is decide what type of boat is right for you. Are you looking for a simple tinnie, or do you have something more extravagant in mind? What about the motor? Do you want an inboard motor, or an outboard? Is an open boat enough, or do you want something a bit more comfortable, perhaps with a cabin and overnight bunks?

Is an ocean-going vessel what you have in mind, or are you content to sail on inland lakes or rivers? We here at JV Marine World know that simply knowing what you’re looking for goes a long way towards guaranteeing you get what’s right for you. Don’t go to the showroom without a clear picture in your mind of what you’re looking for; if you don’t know what you want, you may very well end up with something inappropriate or potentially useless.

Step 2: Contact the Seller

Looking for the perfect Quintrex boats in Melbourne is a daunting task. Once you’ve decided on the type of boat you want to buy, the next step is to contact the seller or dealer. Give them a call, or pay us a short visit, here at JV Marine World, if you’re planning to buy from a dealer. When making first contact, don’t indicate that you’re actually planning to buy the boat. Rather, use the opportunity to ask some simple, crucial, questions. For example, you certainly want to know the age of the boat, if it’s second-hand; ask about the production year of both the hull and motor. A discrepancy between the two may well indicate that the motor has been replaced.

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If so, it’s definitely your business to ask why the motor was swapped out, as this may indicate problems that can come back to haunt you after you’ve made your purchase. Additionally, in the case of a second-hand boat, you must ask how many running hours are on the engine, and, though it might seem obvious, the reason the seller is selling the boat. Ask as many sensible questions as you can think of. Should you buy the boat, you’ll be living with whatever deficiencies it might have so be sure to find out what these might be ahead of time.

Step 3: Take the Boat Out on the Water

Whether the boat is new or used, if you’re truly interested, ask the seller to allow you to take the boat out on the water for a test drive. If the seller refuses, their refusal could well indicate that something is amiss. If you can’t test it, don’t buy it. If, on the other hand, the seller is fine with a test run, be sure to invite whoever you might be boating with after the purchase to come along.

It’s important to test the boat under normal operating conditions, so if ‘normal’ means you’ll be running with a party of five, be sure those five are aboard for the test as it’s important to see how the boat handles under expected conditions which include the weight and mass of those you expect to be with you when you take your boat out on the water.

Taking the right steps when buying your boat will save you lots of time and worry. Whether it’s a Quintrex boats in Melbourne you’re after, or simply your neighbour’s used tinnie, follow these steps and you’ll come out ahead. And don’t hesitate to visit the professionals here at JV Marine World