NEW Yellowfin Extended Cabin

The latest powerhouse to make waves in the Yellowfin Plate Boat range is the Extended Cabin. Designed off the famed, trusted design, the new range takes offshore boating to the next level with the most innovative design to date.
Experienced unparalleled performance with the latest Offshore HD-R Hull, strength with the Inter-Lok core, and internal fit and finish with all new design features. It’s the boat that will keep you coming back for more!

The Ultimate offshore beast.
Meet the Extended Cabin – YF70 and YF76 models.
With a 45% increase in cabin space compared to previous models, it’s built as tough as it is spacious. 6mm bottoms form Yellowfin’s latest, industry-leading Offshore HD-R Hull, which encases the Inter-Lok Core – delivering utmost strength and performance. Increased dash real-estate allows for a 16″ and 19″ sounder to fit side by side, while an elevated interior delivers unparalleled comfort and aesthetics.

Click here to check out our Yellowfin range!

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