Winterising your Boat

Servicing and winterising your boat helps you to preserve the condition of your motor and boat, so when the sun starts shining you can get straight out onto the water.
Proper and regular maintenance can help to stop things from breaking or failing, and helps to protect your asset. No one wants to have anything go wrong out on the water, or unnecessary costs to fix preventable damage, which is why winterising your boat is such a vital part of your maintenance routine.

What is a Winterisation Service?
A winterisation service gets your boat ready to put into storage or prepare it for a longer period of time where it will not be used. When a boat and engine is not used for a period of time, corrosion and deterioration can occur. There are a few steps that can help to prevent this, so that when the weather picks up again you are ready to hit the water.

Read our Winterisation tips below:

If your boat and motor need a winterisation service, or general service you can request a service booking online here, or call us on (03) 9798 8883

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